We are offering you high quality live music for: 

- Weddings -

- Christenings -

- Birthdays -

- Anniversaries -

- Parties -

We have a very large repertoire of Classical music, International popular music, Latino-American music, Jazz, French music, Russian Classical music and  folk music, Russian Romances and Gipsy music. You can even order what kind of music you would like us to play.

You can choose which combination you would like to have: Everything is possible!

Accordion Solo,  Two Accordionists,  Accordion & Violin,    Accordion + Guitar+Violin+Saxophone, Accordion+Guitar+Violin+Singer,  Accordion+Keyboard+Guitar +Singer and etc.

Amor Quintet will be able to provide you with the music written by Astor Piazzolla.

We are able to provide music service of Irish music, Italian music, Jewish music and Greek music,  Astor Piazzolla music. We have a large collection of Accordion music, Astor Piazzolla music arranged for Accordion Solo, Duo Accordions. 

I am Accordion teacher and providing Accordion services in London for 35 pounds per hour.

I am offering one to one Piano, Piano & Chromatic Accordion Tuition. All grades.

I am offering Music Theory lessons for beginners to Academic level to teach all grades of music theory syllabuses with ABRSM and Trinity and Guildhall examination boards.

Beginners are welcome!

I will be able to provide you with the instrument if you do not have one.

From 2010 there is will be Ryskov Accordions on Sale!

I am arranging any kind of music for Free Bass Accordion and Stradella Bass Accordion.

I am the Chairman of the Windsor Accordion Club from 10 October 2010!

Also, I am  working with people who was previously diagnosed as musicaly(tone) deaf!

I refute the idea that musicaly(tone) deaf people cannot be taught to sing.

I guarantee you 100% that you will be singing!

I charge 35 per hour for Accordion lesson, including traveling expenses.

For parties we charge minimum  300 

I am looking for 2 chromatic continental button accordion players from Eastern Europe and living in the UK and capable to perform in Bayan Mix style. I will be providing you with the work and live music performances!


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