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After many requests to play Astor Piazzolla music I decided to make a research on his art. I could play only one his composition-Liber-tango. I found his website www.piazzolla.org and learned from it that he composed more than 1000 compositions. Most of his music was written for quintet-Bandoneon, Violin, Guitar, Piano and Doble Bass. Astor Piazzolla played himself on Bandoneon, which is similar to Accordion(one of 15 registers produces exactly the same sound). I could not find much scores for Accordion Solo. I realized that there is actualy no proper arrangements for Accordion Solo and Duo Accordions of his music. Two reasons drove me to do it.

1. Requests for his music;
2. Many people told me that they would like to learn to play Accordion because they want to play Astor Piazzolla music.

I was surprised that why nobody arranged it during Astor Piazzolla’s lifetime. I bought the original scores from A. Pagani,(Italy) www.apagani.it , from Tonos(Germany) and many others and recordings from different shops. My idea was to make it as close as possible to the original! What was played by 5 people to arrange for Accordion Solo or Duo Accordions it was a main task. I listened the recordings with the scores and have done it! What you will have as it is – 5 in 1! Now all these compositions in my repertoire! Please, note that all scores arranged in 4/4 time signature for easy reading! Also, I am working now on a project to make a simple versions of his compositions! I hope you will like it and enjoy to play it! I am arranging different music for Accordion as well and take requests to do it.

All the best

Nikolai Ryskov